Corneal Scar

Corneal Scar Treatment in India under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts

The cornea plays a very decisive role for the eye to perform all its vital functions. The visibility of an eye directly depends on the health of cornea. If the outer layer of the cornea is thick then it will play a pretty important role in the prevention of eye against dust, germs and other external agents.

The scar is formed when an infection or injury sabotages the deeper layers of the cornea. The scar distorts the coming ray of light and the adequate amount of light fail to reach the lens.

If you are encountering blurry or hazy vision after an injury or infection to the eye then it is suggestive to visit the right Ayurvedic hospital and acquire the right consultation in no time. If the patient has a past medical record of Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy then also there are potential chances of developing this eye disorder. Besides, the patients of Keratoconus also suffer from eye scar and the consequences associated with it.

Before going for the right corneal scar treatment through Ayurveda it is necessary for you to know about the preventive measures to shun the possibilities of this disease. It is worth mentioning that by practicing consistent eye hygiene one can reduce the possibility of corneal scar. Additionally, go for the regular eye examination from an authorized eye treatment center. If you wear contact lenses and then it is very important to timely examine the health status of your eyes. The protection of the eyes is a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked at all. Wear goggles whenever you participate in sports or any other sorts of rigorous activity.

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