Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Floaters

Reduce Eye Floaters and Treat the Root Cause with Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma Therapies. Get effective Ayurvedic treatment for eye floaters at the most affordable and reasonable prices at the best ayurvedic hospital in India.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Floaters

Reduce Eye Floaters and Treat the Root Cause with Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma Therapies. Get effective Ayurvedic treatment for eye floaters at the most affordable and reasonable prices at the best ayurvedic hospital in India.

Let’s Know about Eye Floaters

In simple terms, Eye Floaters means “something that seems floating in the eyes”. There is a steep increase in the number of people seeking treatment for eye floaters. It is a common problem that can affect your normal life on varying scales depending on the underlying cause. Ayurvedic treatment for eye floaters is a widely accepted approach to this problem.

What are Eye Floaters?

Medically, eye floaters refer to small dark objects that a patient sees floating in front of his eyes. These objects can acquire various shapes like thread, strings, webs, dots, etc. Also, they have no static position as they keep moving and dart away as the patient focuses on anything. Hence, the name - eye floaters. The Ayurvedic treatment for eye floaters offers a reliable, long-term, and completely natural cure for this problem.

Eye Floaters Treatment in Ayurveda

Eye floaters treatment in Ayurveda revolves around removal of the root cause of this problem. Ayurvedic doctors identify eye floaters as a Vata Dosha. So, the treatment focuses on normalizing the disturbances caused by this particular dosha. It begins with the diagnosis of the type of eye floaters experienced by the patients. If they are simple harmless floaters, the treatment includes Panchakarma therapies like Siro abhyanga, Netra tharpanam, Sirodhara, etc. However, if the patient is experiencing floaters due to ocular pathologies like uveitis, age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy, then the treatment moves beyond eye floaters. The focus shifts to the treatment of the underlying cause of floaters which varies from patient to patient. Though the ayurvedic medicines for eye floaters are similar in both cases, the scale of treatment makes them different from each other.

Symptoms of Eye Floaters

  • Small dark or transparent floating objects that appear in different shapes like strings, threads, balls, etc in the eyes.
  • Spots that move along with the movement of your eyes, disappear when you focus on them.
  • Dark noticeable spots when you focus on any plain bright surface.
  • Small strings or shapes that settle down or move out of vision several times a day.

Causes of Eye Floaters

Several conditions may lead to eye floaters. The primary ones are as follows:

  • Torn Retina: When a sagging vitreous exerts too much force on the retina it can tear up. If not treated on time, it may result in retinal detachment (fluid accumulation behind the retina) causing the retina to separate from the rear end of the eye. If it continues a little longer it may result in permanent vision loss.
  • Eye Bleeding: If there is any kind of bleeding in the vitreous due to blocked blood vessels, injury, diabetes, or hypertension. The blood cells in the vitreous cavity are seen as floaters.
  • Eye medications and eye surgeries: Some medications injected in vitreous result in the formation of air bubbles. These bubbles form shadows on the retina till our eyes absorb them back.
  • Eye Inflammation: Inflammation in the layers of the uvea at the rear end of the eye often releases inflammatory debris in the vitreous. Such debris can be seen floating as eye floaters. They aren’t directly harmful but indicate uveitis which can be a serious problem for the patient.
  • Ageing: The jelly-like fluid present inside the eyes starts changing as our body ages. With time, a portion of this jelly turns into liquid that distorts the shape of eyeballs internally. With time, the vitreous keeps shrinking and sagging, clumps, and finally gets stringy. Its debris creates blockages in the path of light entering the eye forming small shadows on the retina. These shadows are called eye floaters.
  • Eye Tumours: Sometimes, the formation of tumours inside the eyeballs blocks the path of light passing through the eye. The patient experience shadows on the retina which often get termed as eye floaters.

Our Approach To Eye Floaters Treatment

At Prakash Nethralaya, we focus on providing a permanent, reliable, and all-natural treatment for all pathologies and diseases. If you are looking for one such cure for eye floaters then we are here at your service. Our eye floaters treatment includes medication, Panchkarma therapies, diet, and lifestyle changes. It is a holistic approach that resolves the problem for good and offers a natural way out of it. Whether you are experiencing simple eye floaters or floaters due to ocular diseases, our doctors will eradicate this problem and its underlying cause through natural means. For more details or any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

The Benefits of Ayurveda for Eye Floaters treatment at Prakash Nethralaya

Investigates The Root Cause

The Ayurvedic approach to illness looks for the fundamental causes of the disease rather than symptoms. The main causative factor of the disease is removed from the patient's daily routine. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment is decided from the available two directions as per the classics. First one is Shodhan (detoxification) to clean the body with the help of Panchakarma therapies and the another is Shaman (balancing the doshas) by using Ayurveda medicines, diet correction and lifestyle adjustments. Detoxification with Panchakarma improves the efficacy of Ayurveda medicines in chronic and advanced cases.

Medicines Are Safe To Take

Ayurveda medications are not manufactured in a synthetic or chemical form but in their natural state. Because of this, the herbs are gentle on the body, and there is no chance of side effect or adverse reactions, regardless of the length of time the patient takes them. At Prakash Nethralaya, we use the best quality Ayurveda medicines to ensure the safest and fastest recovery. There is in house processing and dispensing of the medicines for our patients. A few medicines are made available from the good manufacturing companies also.

Uses Holistic Strategy

Ayurveda is based on the idea that each person has a distinct personality and body type and, as a result, their treatment. Ayurveda places more emphasis on treating the patient rather than treating the ailment. The physical composition of two different people with the same ailment may need a different therapeutic approach. An Ayurveda expert at Prakash Nethralaya uses this body type analysis and then reaches at a conclusion of diagnosis and the line of treatment. Accordingly our doctors prescribe the diet, lifestyle changes, yoga, Ayurveda medicines, and Panchakarma therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda suggests that certain herbs and practices may help manage eye floaters, but there’s no guaranteed cure. Ayurvedic treatments focus on balancing the body’s energies and improving overall eye health through remedies like triphala eye wash and consuming antioxidant-rich foods. However, it’s essential to consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized advice and treatment.

Eye floaters can be dissolved in natural ways:

  1. Diet and nutrition
  2. Rest & Relaxation
  3. Protect your eyes from harsh light
  4. Floaters naturally fade on their own

There are several benefits of ayurvedic treatment for eye floaters. Some of the benefits may include:

  1. Improve eye health
  2. Use Holistic Approach
  3. Reduce the severity of eye floaters
  4. No side effects

There are several exercises for eye floaters in ayurveda. Some of the most common exercises include:

  1. Blinking
  2. Palming
  3. Near and far focusing
  4. Eye Rotations