Stargardt Disease Or Macular Degeneration Treatment in Ayurveda

Prevent the Progressive Loss of Central Vision naturally through Ayurvedic Treatment

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Is it Possible To Cure Macular Degeneration (Stargardt Disease) Permanently?

No, it is not possible to cure macular degeneration permanently but the progressive nature of the disease can be arrested for longer durations of time and vision can be strengthened with the help of macular degeneration treatment in Ayurveda. The macular degeneration herbal treatment uses a holistic approach to treat the patient of macular degeneration with the help of ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic therapies.

Macular Degeneration Treatment in Ayurveda 

Stargardt disease or macular degeneration treatment in Ayurveda comprises of a series of specialized Ayurveda therapies that are meant for the complete cleansing of the body and the use of herbal and natural medicines for the purpose of curing the macular degeneration (Stargardt disease). The herbal medicines including ayurvedic eye drops for macular degeneration provide nourishment to retina thus improving some vision in macular degeneration. The major therapies done during the macular degeneration treatment in Ayurveda are as follows:

  • Snehapana
  • Shirodhara or Shirovasti
  • Nasya
  • Virechan
  • Tharpana
  • Netradhara
  • Anjana & Aschyotana

All these procedures are generally done for 21 days in an ayurvedic eye hospital in the strict supervision of an ayurvedic eye specialist near to you in India.

Macular degeneration or stargardt disease is an eye disease that results from the damage caused to the photoreceptor cells in the macula region of the retina. The macula is responsible for clear central vision and after being affected by macular degeneration disease a person loses center vision or left with a blurred vision.

There are no symptoms of the disease in the early stages and it can affect one or both the eyes. There are multiple disease patterns with inherited macular degenerations. People with macular degeneration doesn’t turn blind generally but may feel a gradual loss of vision and could face problem while reading, driving, recognizing faces and many other daily activities.

In some cases, visual hallucinations may occur due to the fluctuations in vision. Stargardt's disease starts showing its effect around 10-20 years of age.

There are no proven causes of macular degeneration but based on the studies done by various eye specialists around the world it is believed that it is caused by a combination of heredity factors and environmental factors.

Smoking also plays a major role in increasing the speed of degeneration in this disease. The condition keeps on getting worse with aging if not treated with an ayurvedic eye specialist at the right time. There are several risk factors associated with the macular degeneration disease such as:

  1. Aging - The disease increases with speed as the age increases.
  2. Genetics - Macular degeneration is based on heredity factors and can run in many generations.
  3. Smoking - It is the most common external influencing factor of the disease and people with a regular smoking habit are at three times more risk of the disease.
  4. Obesity - People with more weight are at high risk of losing their vision.
  5. Cardiovascular Diseases - People with high cholesterol levels and diseases associated with heart and blood vessels are at more risk of speedy reduction of vision in macular degeneration.
  6. Hypertension - People with high blood pressure are more prone to vision loss.
  7. Diet - People with a high intake of fast food in their diet are at more risk of macular degeneration.
  8. Race - People with Caucasians race at more risk in comparison to other races.

Symptoms of the macular degeneration start showing much later, common symptoms of the disease are:

  1. Visual distortions.
  2. Loss of central vision in one or both eyes.
  3. Facing difficulty while reading, writing and other works that require close eye contact.
  4. Difficulty in adapting to low light levels, such as theatres.
  5. Blurred vision.
  6. Unable to recognize faces.

There are some home remedies that can be used easily at home with minimal requirements. Some common home remedies which can be followed are :

  1. Drink Juice of Amla fruit 30 ml mixed with 1 tsp of honey.
  2. Consume Triphala choorna with 1 tsp clarified butter at night with milk.
  3. High antioxidant diet

By taking some precautions and leading a  healthy lifestyle you can control the effects of the disease to a large extent. Some of the common lifestyle changes and precautions which can be followed are :

  1. Stop Smoking - Smoking affects the health of the eyes very much, by avoiding smoking you can reduce the chances of the disease.
  2. Control Other Medical Conditions - Control your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, it can help in reducing the risk of loss of vision in macular degeneration.
  3. Healthy and Balanced Diet - To avoid the chances of getting the disease or to reduce the effects of the disease a patient should eat healthy food(rich in nutrients) and have a balanced diet.
  4. Daily exercise - By doing daily exercise you can avoid the disease for long duration and daily workout can help in maintaining an overall healthy body.
  5. Yoga and Meditation - By doing various yoga asanas and meditation a person can maintain a healthy body and mind which is very much necessary for a healthy body. Yoga helps in the rejuvenation of all the internal organs of the body.
  6. A routine visit to an eye specialist - Make a habit to visit your eye doctor regularly to keep a check on the condition of your eyes if you are suffering from stargardt disease or macular degeneration. It will help in diagnosing any future problems with the eyes.

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