Nystagmus is a diseased condition of eye in which occurs abnormal jerky movements of eye ball either horizontally or in vertical direction. This condition is generally seen in association with other eye disease like macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, pathological myopia, cone dystrophy, optic nerve weakness etc. Side effects of drugs, head injuries or vitamin B12 are some of the causes of nystagmus.

Symptoms of Nystagmus

  • Jerky uncontrolled eye ball movements.
  • Headache and photophobia.
  • Defective vision.

Do’s and Don’ts in Nystagmus

  • Avoid over strain and stress factors.
  • Keep bowels clear.
  • Take a good sound sleep at night.
  • Avoid fast food and junk food.

Home remedies for Nystagmus

  • All food stuffs rich in vitamins, minerals help to strengthen the nervous system.
  • Put two drops of cow ghee in eyes at night.

Ayurvedic treatment of nystagmus

Nystagmus is a pure Vata disease and hence the treatment also aims to correct the same. As mentioned earlier, nystagmus is generally seen with other eye diseases. Hence the treatment aims to correct the underlying pathology.