Pterygium is a condition of one or both eyes in which there occurs an elevated growth in the white of eye (sclera) that can invade cornea also in advanced stages. Multiple factors are known for this abnormal growth of tissue exposure to dust, wind, high temperatures and ultra violet radiations are responsible for its growth. It is also seen associated with dry eyes and allergy of eyes. It can block the vision if it extends up to cornea and covers the pupil.

Symptoms of Pterygium

  • Redness in eye
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Irritation of eyes
  • Strained vision with headache
  • Blurred vision if pterygium reaches up to pupil

Do’s and Don’ts in Pterygium

  • Avoid dusty and windy climate
  • Avoid working in high temperatures
  • Avoid rubbing of eyes
  • Avoid watching T.V, working on computer for longer duration
  • Frequently splash cold water in the eyes

 Home remedies for Pterygium

  • A cotton piece soaked in rose water relieves symptoms like strain and pain in eyes
  • Pure honey 1 drop in both eyes in the morning is a good medicine
  • Put rose water inside the eyes for redness to dessipate the excess heat.

Ayrveda treatment of Pteregium

In ayurveda, it is described as ‘Arma’ clinically described in varities according to dosha dominance.This is decided as per the symptoms. There  medical and surgical treatment described in ayurveda. There are successful medical treatment that can be tried before going for surgery.The approximate time duration for non surgical treatment of Pterygium is 6 months to 1 yr depending upon the condition.