Strabismus (Squint)

Strabismus (Squint) is the inability of both the eyes to focus on the same object at the same time.this is due to the weakness of muscles of one or both eyes. It generally develops in childhood and increases with time. In patients of lazy eye (Amblyopia), squint is common because of less vision in one eye. The weak eye cannot focus on the same distant object on which the healthy eye does. Hence the muscles become weak with time and either converge or diverge. In some cases, it can be with normal vision in both eyes and also because of neurological origin.

Causes of Squint

  • Premature delivery of baby.
  • Nerve or muscle disorder in adults.
  • Injury in brain.
  • Hereditary causes

Symptoms of Squint

  • Misalignment of both eyes.
  • Headache or strained vision.
  • Double vision may also be present.

Do’s and Don’ts in Squint

  • Do regular eye exarcises.
  • Do regular yoga and pranayama.
  • Putting 2 drops of cow ghee in eyes at bed time is a nourishing medicine.

Home remedies in Squint.

One tea spoon triphala powder mixed with 1tsp of ghee and 2 tsp of honey to be taken twice daily with milk is a very good tonic for the strength of eye muscles and nerves.

Ayurvedic treatment of squint

Ayurvedic treatment of squint aims to improve strength of eye muscles. A 3600 approach which includes eye exercise, improving eating habits from fast food to nourishing and balance diet, ayurvedic eye treatments like nethradhara, tharpana, eye massages etc and ayurvedic oral medicines are very powerful in correcting squint.