Jaundice Treatment in Ayurveda

Normalize Bilirubin Level, Stimulate Liver Functions & get relief in Jaundice with Ayurvedic Treatment, Medicines & Panchakarma

Everything You Need to Know About Jaundice & it's Treatment

  1. Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and the white part of the eyes caused by increased bilirubin amounts in the blood.
  2. A viral infection, side effects of certain chemical medicines, Excess use of alcohol, blocked bile ducts due to any tumor or gall stones, and an autoimmune reaction can lead to inflammation in the liver leading to raised bilirubin levels.
  3. A yellow tinge in the eyes and skin, pale stools, dark urine, itchiness in the body, abdominal pain, weight loss, vomiting, and fever are the leading symptoms of Jaundice.
  4. Hepatocellular Jaundice, Pre Hepatic Jaundice, and Obstructive Jaundice are the three main clinical types depending on the underlying pathology.
  5. According to Ayurveda, the liver is the prime site of Pitta functioning. Because of poor eating habits or some other causative factors, the Vitiation of Pitta dosha leads to Jaundice.
  6. Ayurveda treatment for Jaundice can successfully correct the Pitta dosha functioning leading to normal bilirubin levels. In the initial stages of Jaundice, mild purgation stimulates the liver and increases the flow of bile.
  7. An Ayurveda expert makes selective use of Trivrit, Kutaki, Bhumyaamalaki, Punarnava, Aloe vera, Triphala, and many other herbs for this purpose.
  8. Amla, Beetroot, Lemon, Bottle guard, Bitter guard, and Aloe vera are good for liver health and should be used daily.
  9. Alcohol, raw milk, uncooked food, poor hygiene, fast food, contaminated water, and self-medication can lead to severe liver complications and should be discouraged.

Symptoms of Jaundice

Pale Skin & Eyes
Pale Skin & Eyes
Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Pain

Our Approach To Jaundice Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment

Our Ayurveda expert examines the root cause of the Jaundice patient and evaluates the diet and lifestyle habits. The doctor guides for the changes in diet along with Ayurveda medicines. A patient with Jaundice can consult with our experts either by visiting the hospital or by online video consultation. A comprehensive evaluation is possible even without a physical visit to the hospital, and the patient can receive Ayurveda medicines for Jaundice at the doorstep.

Why To Choose Ayurveda?

Looks for the Root Cause

The ayurvedic approach of disease looks for the root cause and not merely the symptoms. Ayurveda offers two ways of treatment; One is Shodhan, and the other is Shaman. Shodhan is complete detoxification of the body by Panchakarma therapies. Shaman is balancing the doshas by Ayurveda medicines, diet, and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda medicines always work better in a patient detoxified with Panchakarma.

Safe Medicines

Ayurveda medicines are processed most naturally and not in the synthetic and chemical form. For this reason, the herbs are soft on the body, and there is no risk of side effects even if the patient requires to take them for longer durations. The complete eradication of the root cause ensures the cure and prevents future health complications.

Holistic Approach

Ayurveda is not merely a medical science. Instead, it is a philosophical science too. The basic principles of Ayurveda consider an individual human a specific identity and hence his treatment. Ayurveda gives importance to the treatment of the patient rather than the treatment of the disease. Two patients of the same disease can have different treatments because of the difference in their body constitution.