Migraine is a form of headache due to prolonged neurological illness. The unique clinical pattern of symptoms includes severe headache, nausea and vomiting, photophobia and not able to bear sound.

Causes of migraine

Although it is having a genetic influence on the patient, still certain environmental factors trigger the disease. The factors can be travelling, skipping a meal, smoking, alcohol, certain foods like egg, chocolates etc. In females, it is seen in the most aggressive form at the time of menstruation.

Symptoms of Migraine

  • Severe pain in the head starting from forehead
  • Sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Tiredness of body or body ache due to muscular spasm.
  • Irritation

Do’s and Don’ts for Migraine

  • Avoid the food stuffs that trigger the disease.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol completely.
  • Avoid dried food stuffs, fast food and junk food.
  • Take warm food rich in clarified butter.
  • Do regular meditation and pranayama.
  • Regularize your bowels. Avoid constipation.

Home remedies for Migraine

  • Take 100 gm coriander powder, 50 gm almond powder or paste and mix 100 gm mishri with appropriate quantity of ghee to make a ladoo of 20 gm. Take 1 laddoo in morning to strengthen the nerves.
  • Do mild massage in the head with almond oil.

Ayurvedic treatment for migraine

Ayurveda corrects the underlying pathology of migraine by improving the digestive fire of body, removal of toxicity out of the body and increasing strength in the nervous system. Complete and permanent cure of migraine is possible with Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments. Snehapana, Virechana and Nasya are the treatments of choice along with oral medicines and life style modification for the complete removal of symptoms.