Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of hardening of the insulating sheaths of nerve cells that eventually results in inflammation. This damage can happen in the nerves of brain and spinal cord both. Since the strength of the control centers is lost, the functioning of concerned organs are affected. Hence the symptoms of multiple sclerosis show involvement of many organs at one time. This disease can be fatal if not controlled timely. The exact causes of the disease are unknown. Still some of the proposed causes can be bad life style, increased metabolic toxicity or some sort of infection.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

  • Double or blurred vision. Progressive loss of vision
  • Problems associated with memory, analysis and interpretation are common in patients of multiple sclerosis.
  • Poor control on urinary bladder may be reported.
  • Tiredness and pain in the body

Do’s and Don’ts in multiple sclerosis

  • Adopt a healthy life style.
  • Avoid fast food and junk food.
  • Do regular yoga, pranayama and meditation to increase the energy levels.

Ayurvedic treatment of multiple sclerosis

According to Ayurvedic treatment of multiple sclerosis, detoxification at cellular level is done by Abhyanga, swedan, virechan and vasti treatments. The rasayana herbal medicines are used for increasing the energy levels in Ayurvedic treatment of multiple sclerosis. A strictly healthy life style, controlled food habits, Panchakarma treatments and herbal medicines complete the Ayurveda treatment for multiple sclerosis and are potent enough to arrest the further progression of disease and to reverse the symptoms. 20-25 days Panchakarma treatments are required to complete the Ayurveda treatment of multiple sclerosis in India.