Myasthenia Gravis

Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis in India by Ayurveda specialists

The problem of Myasthenia Gravis can be distinguished as a swift attack of fatigue and weariness in one or more muscles of the body that are in genuine case under the voluntary control of the person. Apart from Ayurveda, till date there has been no healing method is discovered for this disease in any of the branches of medicine. The affects of this disease are not confined to a specific age-group of people.

Reason behind Myasthenia Gravis

Primary reason due to which this disease succeeds in controlling the motor function of the person is the failure of normal communication between muscles and nerves. It happens when the junction of neuromuscular gets disturbed. Neuromuscular is the position where nerve cells gets connected with those muscles whose control and functioning is under their responsibility. While the impulse goes through the nerve a neurotransmitter substance known as acetylcholine is released from the nerve ending.

In this disease, antibodies are liable for annihilating or obstructing the receptors for acetylcholine which is situated at the neuromuscular junction. This acetylcholine is responsible for preventing the muscle contraction.

When you consult a good Ayurvedic center for the treatment of muscle diseases then they would advice you regarding the basic characteristics of this disease. This disease is considered as the autoimmune disease because immune system is responsible for protecting the body from the different foreign organisms which by mistake attacks itself.

Some of the common signs associated with the problem of Myasthenia Gravis are highlighted below :

  • The patient suffering from this disorder tends to suffer from slurred speech.
  • The person under the impact of this disease will observe the effort in swallowing a daunting one.
  • The patient of Myasthenia Gravis always carry a blurred vision.
  • Constant weariness and weakness is observed in the regions of neck, limbs, hands and fingers.

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