Obesity is a diseased condition of gaining excess weight because of storage of excess fat in the body. If one consumes fat more than the requirement of body, then it gets deposited in the fat pockets of body, gaining weight and hence the disease.

Causes of Obesity

  • Consumption of excess fat in the diet.
  • Lethargy life style.
  • Less physical activities.
  • Hormonal and genetic reasons.
  • Pregnancy

Symptoms of Obesity

  • Increase in body weight
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Feeling breathlessness on slight physical efforts
  • Reduced stamina and strength.

Do’s and Don’ts for Obesity

  • Do not eat fast and fried food.
  • Avoid high calorie diet.
  • Once a week fasting is a good idea.
  • Take more of boiled vegetables and fruits in diet.
  • Do yoga and pranayama regularly.
  • Make a routine of morning and evening walk for 30 minutes.
  • Avoid potato, rice, ghee, sweets and food rich in carbohydrates.

Home remedies for Obesity

  • Mix equal quantity of dried ginger, black pepper and long pepper. Take ½ tsp twice daily with luke warm water.
  • Mix 2 table spoon honey with ½ lemon in 1 glass luke warm water. Drink it in the morning empty stomach.
  • Drink bottle guard, amla(Indian gooseberry) and aloe vera juice frequently.

Ayurvedic treatment of obesity

Obesity according to Ayurveda is a kapha vitiated disease. Vamana, Virechana, vasti, abhyanga, swedana procedures are very much effective for reduction of fat from the body and to clear the fat channels. Ayurveda medicines mobilize the deposited fat in the body. There are promising Ayurveda treatments for obesity if a life style modification, exercise and panchakarma treatments are done cumulatively. A schedule of 20-30 days is necessary to cover all the procedures for Ayurveda treatment of obesity. Then oral medicines, exercise and dietary precautions are adopted for further reduction of weight and its maintenance.