Tonsillitis treatment in India with the pure approach of Ayurveda

The major cause behind the occurrence of tonsillitis is bacterial infection. In this ailment the tonsils present in human body gets inflated. Tonsils are present in the lymphatic system of the body at the back part of throat. The major function of these two tissue balls is to prevent the disease and infection. The causes behind the problem

This is a disease normally associated with children and before you consult a good Ayurvedic hospital it is worthwhile understanding the aspects leading to this throat disorder. The major aspect is the viral or bacterial infection which inflates the throat. Due to surplus consumption of chocolates, oily and greasy food, frozen or chilled food the problem occurs.

The indications favoring the presence of Tonsillitis

The swelling of both the tonsils is a major indication of the problem. During the course of swelling, the tonsils tend to get reddish and inflated. The diagnosis may also reveal white spots onto their surface.

Ayurvedic remedial measures for the treatment of the problem.

Suggestions related to diet & lifestyle

  • The patient is required to consume liquid diet which is not hard to swallow
  • Give rest to your throat by speaking less
  • If you are a smoker then quite the habit right now
  • To prevent infection while roaming a polluted area try to cover your nose and mouth
  • Have hot honey tea, and vegetable soups in order to benefit your throat

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