Leucoderma/Vitiligo Treatment in Ayurveda

Remove White Patches on the Skin Naturally with Ayurvedic Treatment and Panchakarma Therapies

The vitiligo treatment in ayurveda can be done with the help of ayurvedic treatment based on its ancient techniques. The permanent cure of Vitiligo is possible by ayurvedic approach. For the vitiligo treatment in ayurveda, the doctor must have knowledge of the cause of vitiligo in ayurveda. According to Ayurveda Vitiligo is a Tridosha disease. The disturbance in all the 3 doshas, causes Leucoderma or Vitiligo.

Vitiligo or Leucoderma ayurvedic treatment uses ayurvedic medicines to cure the disease. The leucoderma treatment in Ayurveda is also performed with ayurvedic panchakarma therapies like Virechana, Vasti, Dhara, and Vamana as they strengthen the inner organs of the body.

  1. Virechana - Virechana is also known as Purgative therapy. In this therapy, the toxicity of your body is eliminated through the lower pathway of the body. Virechana is used for Pitta disorder to cleanse the primary site of pitta where is in the stomach and small intestine. It is an efficient vitiligo treatment in ayurveda.
  2. Basti therapy – It is also called Enema therapy. The therapy purifies the colon where the primary location of Vata nourishes the body. This is one of the best vitiligo treatment in ayurveda.
  3. Vamana - Vamana is considered to be the effective vitiligo treatment in ayurveda for both Pitta and Kapha excess. Vasantika Vamasa (therapeutic emesis in spring season) can be used for preventive therapy for a disease of Kapha origin such as eczema.

Leucoderma which is also known as ‘Vitiligo’ is an autoimmune disorder. The autoimmune disorder is one in which the immune system of your body attacks the healthy cells and as a result, it starts affecting your body. It develops due to the improper functioning of the melanin pigment which is responsible for producing the cells determining the colour of hair and skin. It is therefore characterized by white patches on the skin.

Leucoderma or Vitiligo can affect any part of the body including the inner region of the mouth, nose, and hair. But usually, it affects both sides of the body and skin exposure to the sun have more chances to get affected. A person affected by vitiligo may feel stressed and self- conscious due to white patches on the skin. The disease is known to be caused by changes in the immune system, environmental factors or hereditary factors.

Diagnosis of Leucoderma

Your doctor will diagnose if you have vitiligo, he or she will ask about your medical history, examine you and try to find out other medical issues, such as dermatitis or psoriasis. Your doctor may use a lamp to shine ultraviolet light onto the skin to determine whether you have vitiligo. He/ she will further perform various tests to diagnose leucoderma disease such as:

Skin biopsy and blood draw – The doctor will first gather your personal and family medical history and examine your skin, then he/ she will take a small sample (biopsy) of the affected skin and draw blood for lab tests to look for underlying autoimmune conditions, such as anemia or diabetes.

The actual cause of vitiligo is unknown but there are various causes associated with the disease. Here is a list of few factors and causes that might cause vitiligo such as:

  1. Genetics - A person with a family history of vitiligo is vulnerable to the disease.
  2. Infection - This disease might arise due to chronic infections like throat infection, a stomach infection, etc that require the intake of antibiotics which in turn affect the immunity results in an autoimmune disorder.
  3. Autoimmune disorder - Various autoimmune disorders may result in white patches.
  4. Inflammatory Diseases – There are various inflammatory diseases that are known as the causing factor of leucoderma or vitiligo.
  5. Stress - A long duration of stress may cause the disease.
  6. Viral Causes - Some viruses can affect a person with the disease.
  7. Neural Causes - Neurological causes are also known to be associated with vitiligo or leucoderma.
  8. Exposure to Chemicals - A person with high exposure to chemicals is more prone to having leucoderma.
  9. Sunburn - Excessive sunburn is harmful to the skin and may cause vitiligo.

The leucoderma symptoms usually appear before adolescence phase. Some common leucoderma symptoms which can be seen in the person affected by leucoderma or vitiligo are as follows:

  1. Patchy areas of depigmented skin usually start from the area of the body which is exposed to the sun.
  2. Loss of skin colour.
  3. Loss of colour of the retina.
  4. Whitening of hairs of beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, and scalp.
  5. Easily visible spots.
  6. The patient may have depression or other psychological disorders.
  7. The sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.
  8. Hearing loss.
  9. Vision problems.
  10. Production of a tear in the eyes.

There are mainly 2 types of Vitiligo, which are as below:

  1. Segmental vitiligo - In the segmental vitiligo, the skin gets affected by only one side. The disease doesn’t spread further in segmental vitiligo.
  2. non-segmental vitiligo - In non-segmental vitiligo, skin gets affected by both  sides and the area of the skin affected with vitiligo or leucoderma keeps on expanding with time in this type of vitiligo

Leucoderma is diseases that can easily be treated with some minor efforts. Along with the leucoderma treatment in Ayurveda this disease can be cured at home by various leucoderma home remedies described below:

  1. Apply a mixture of lemon and sweet basil extract.
  2. Apply a mixture of turmeric powder and mustard oil for 20 minutes to the affected area. Do this twice a day for positive results. This will work as an efficient vitiligo natural treatment.
  3. Increase the intake of food with a high amount of zinc.
  4. Vitiligo natural treatment usually insists on staying hydrated. The main task is to drink water from a copper vessel. Drinking water stored in a copper vessel will help you increase melanin in your body and reduce the whiteness of patches caused by vitiligo.
  5. Take Bakuchi powder - Mix it with an equal quantity of turmeric powder. Consume 1 tsp of this combination twice daily with warm water. This combination can be applied externally on the white patches for 30 min. daily by making a paste with warm water.

The leucoderma cure includes certain lifestyle changes and preventive measures such as:

  1. Protection of skin from the sources of light - The skin should be protected from sun rays by wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen.
  2. Skin Camouflage Techniques - The affected skin can be made invisible by using make-up techniques and camouflage.
  3. Avoid Tattoos - Making a tattoo can cause new patches of skin to appear.
  4. Avoid Non-Compatible Food like milk with curd,non-veg food items, salt.
  5. The patient should avoid salty, sour and spicy food.