Vamana Karma

If the patient is experiencing congestion in the lungs resulting in recurring attacks of bronchitis, cough, cold or asthma, the Ayurvedic treatment meant for it is therapeutic vomiting i.e. vamana, to remove the kapha the root cause of the glut mucus. Foremost, following the snehan & swedan, 3 to 4 glasses of salt water or licorice is administered, and then nausea and vomiting is stimulated by the means of abrasion of the tongue.

Before vaman karma is executed, fomentation and oil massage are suggested on the night ahead of the day of the treatment. 1 to 3 days preceding to vaman, the patient have 1 cup of recommended oil 2 to 3 times a day in anticipation of the stool to become oily, or till the point he or she feels revolted. The patient should also have a kaphagenic diet in order to intensify kapha within the system. The treatment is executed normally during the early hours when kapha is intense. The submission of heat to the region of chest as well as the back portion helps in the liquefaction of the kapha.

Emetic Substances

Madhuka-yastimadhu-licorice, madan-emetic nut, neem-bitter leaf, kutaj-kurchi- conessi bark, bimbi, triloba-devdaru-deodar, murva-clematis, Salt, Nacl, Cedrus deodara, ela-cardamom, and nux vomica.

Subsequent to vamana karma, resting, smoking certain herbal cigarettes, fasting and non repressing innate urges like urination, gas, defecation, coughing and sneezing is advised. If the treatment process is monitored properly, the patient feels relaxation within the lungs enabling him to breathe freely, experiences lightness in the chest, clear voice, a decent appetite, comprehensible thinking and all indications of congestion withdraw.

Signs for Vaman

Applicable for all kapha disorders, fine for pitta headache, nausea, dizziness, respiratory, congestion, chronic cold, and bronchitis, sinus and congestion kaphagenic asthma.

Not advised for

Under the age of 12 or else more than the age of 65, menstruation, pregnancy, pre-menstrual period emaciation, sensitive or delicate person with greater fear, anguish or anxiety, patients of hypoglycemia, vata diseases, cardiac diseases, acute fever, obesity and diarrhea.