Ayurvedic Treatment of Myopia in India

Myopia Eye Disease Treatment

Myopia, also known as Nearsightedness is caused in people having difficulty in seeing far and distant images clearly.

The major treatment of this disease focus on making your eyes able to see distant objects clearly.

What causes Myopia?

  1. Light rays come to focus much earlier than reaching their destination object.
  2. If one of the parents is having this disease, then their children can have large chances of having this same disease.
  3. Visual Stress.
  4. Excessive work on Computers and watching TV closely.
  5. Reading small lettered books.
  6. Lack of a healthy diet.

These people having Myopia eye disease have a “refractive error” i.e. the light rays do not bend in the right manner into their eyes in order to transmit images to their brain. Big eyeball and long curvature of the cornea are the perfect symptoms of this disease. Rather than focusing on the retina, the light rays directly focus on the front of the retina which is a lot more sensitive part of the human eye.

Myopia is such a disease which basically occurs in children and it’s density gets even more worse as their age increases.

Symptoms of Myopia

  1. Headaches on a regular basis.
  2. Squinting
  3. Eyestrain and stress problems.
  4. Fatigue

Myopia Diagnosis

Myopia can be easily diagnosed permanently by getting a standard eye treatment by an ayurvedic eye specialist doctor.

Myopia Treatment process

Myopia can be treated by :

  1. Eye-Glasses.
  2. Contact lenses.
  3. Orthokeratology
  4. Refractive surgery.
  5. Laser Technology.
  6. Vision Therapy.

Myopic people can have -3.00 contact lens numbers.

Prevention Techniques

  1. Don’t sit so close to the screen of your television or computer.
  2. Never read books and novels in dim light.
  3. Try to have balanced diet.
  4. Try to sleep at time in the night and wake up early in the morning.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Myopia

  1. Samshodhan : Also called as purifying procedure and Virechan karma is used for it.
  2. Nasya : 4 drops of Panchendriya Vardhan Taila is dropped in each nostril.
  3. Internal Medicine : 2 Tablets of Saptamrut loha with 1 tea spoon full triphala ghee and half tea spoon full of honey after meal twice a day.
  4. Tarpan : Triphala ghrit tarpan. It is recommended to take alternate 7days Tarpan and 7days Nasya for 3 months regularly.
  5. Tratak karma : Concentration on some point of the eyes till watering starts from them.
  6. Palming Technique : Closing eyes with your both palms.
  7. Regular eye Excercise.

Thus, if you are also suffering from this same disease and looking to get the best ayurvedic treatment for Myopia in India, then you can consult our specialized team of ayurvedic doctors to get treated in an easy and most effective permanent manner.