Permanent Central Serous Retinopathy Cure and 4 Home Remedies

Permanent Cure

A permanent central serous retinopathy cure is possible with ayurvedic eye treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment uses a holistic approach to treat patients. Ayurveda believes that every body part and organ in the body is connected with each other. Well being or dysfunction of one body part affects the functioning of other body parts. central serous retinopathy cureKeeping in mind this holistic approach, Ayurveda treats the patient completely instead of and just the disease. Ayurveda believes that every disease in the body is caused by the imbalance of doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), so central serous retinopathy natural treatment tries to create a balance between the 3 doshas.

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on energizing all the dhatus of the body with its holistic way of treatment. The ayurvedic treatment uses ayurvedic medicines and therapies to treat any diseases along with the help of yoga and some healthy lifestyle changes. All collectively work together.

An ayurvedic doctor first studies the mechanism of the body of the patient and as he believes that every individual has different levels of doshas. After a detailed study of the body, an ayurvedic doctor starts the personalized treatment for every individual patient.

With the help of ayurvedic medicines made from medicinal herbs and ayurvedic therapies specially designed for every treatment, an ayurvedic doctor cures the patient suffering from central serous retinopathy permanently. Only Ayurveda can provide permanent central serous retinopathy cure with its holistic approach and that too without any side effects.

To get the best treatment, a person affected by the disease should consult a qualified and very experienced eye specialist as central serous retinopathy is a very critical eye condition that needs immediate care and if not treated on time could lead to blindness.

Home Remedies

There are some central serous retinopathy home remedies available which can be used in the treatment, these home remedies provide some relief to the patients. Home remedies are effective in only less critical cases and can’t be used as a permanent treatment for the disease.

Central Serous Retinopathy Home Remedies should be taken as temporary treatment of the disease as CSR is a very critical disease that needs the supervision of an eye specialist. Home remedies are mostly used in emergency situations or in the early stages of the disease. Home remedies could be helpful in assisting the conventional and natural treatments and should never be used as a sole treatment option.

Some of the effective central serous retinopathy home remedies which can be used in the treatment are –

  1. Amla Juice – Amla juice should be consumed daily by the patient in the morning with an empty stomach. Amla is very rich in vitamin C which is very beneficial for eyes.
  2. Triphala Churna – Triphala Churna has medicinal properties which are helpful in the treatment of central serous retinopathy, Triphala Churna should be consumed daily in a small amount to assist the treatment and stimulate the functioning of the retina.
  3. Vitamin C – Natural food products that are rich in vitamin c should be consumed daily to improve the eyesight. Vitamin c rich food products are very useful in improving eyesight and in treating various eye diseases, so these products should be included in the daily diet.
  4. Green Vegetables – Green vegetables like cabbage, spinach, gourd should be included in the diet as they are very rich in nutrients. Raw green vegetables will help more in the treatment of the disease, and fruits should also be included in the diet.

All these home remedies are very useful in providing vital nutrients to the body and energizing all the dhatus inside the body which in turn creates a balance between all the doshas and finally cures the disease permanently in a natural way