Are you looking for an ayurvedic treatment of glaucoma in India?

Created - 21 Dec 2015Last Modified - 14 Jul 2019

This information will enrich your knowledge about the glaucoma and of course suggest you treatment of glaucoma in ayurveda.

Eye is a very delicate organ of our body. So it is very much necessary to handle it with care compared with the rest of the body parts. an it is obvious that an eye cannot be operated frequently as other organs because it loses its efficiency with increasing number of operations. Glaucoma is another type of eye disease. It is basically disorders in the group of ocular (eye) that results in the nervous damage along with the loss in the field of vision. Here the term angle comes; angle is basically the area of vision. Glaucoma can be seen in children, old people, youngsters and even infants. The disorders are classified in two types :

  • Close-angle Glaucoma : Instant pain and vision loss in patient.
  • Open-angle Glaucoma : It is not recognized easily in starting stage but with time the symptoms can be seen.

What leads to glaucoma?

Mostly glaucoma is seen in people age 40 years. But irrespective of age anyone can suffer from glaucoma. It is strange to know that infants also suffer from glaucoma.

More chances of glaucoma if :

  • Your age is above 40 years
  • Eyes suffering trauma
  • You are a diabetes patient
  • Any of your parents suffer glaucoma
  • Consumption of drugs and steroids namely prednisone

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?

In general there is no or few symptoms of glaucoma. It starts with the loss of side vision in most cases or if too late suffering from disease then loss in peripheral vision. This is the reason why glaucoma is termed as "sneak thief of vision."

You might be a patient of glaucoma :

  • If sees halos encircling light
  • It reveals pain to eyes
  • Suffering vision loss
  • Redness occurs in eyes
  • Area of vision narrows (tunnel vision)
  • Mostly infants suffer from lazy looking eyes
  • Nausea or vomiting

Glaucoma treatment with ayurveda in India

It is seen that glaucoma is a very serious disease that requires an instant treatment without any ignorance to avoid any hazardous results. It can also result in eyesight loss. As it is said that eye can't be operated repeatedly so here is an alternative method that will treat your disease without any side effect and that is ayurveda. Yes, treatment of glaucoma in Jaipur is possible in ayurveda Many Indian states and cities provide you the team of best doctors that helps you to get rid of the disease.

We all know what is ayurveda. It basically includes the herbal treatment using herbs, plants, trees and other such natural resources that proves beneficial to cure any disease. Nowadays ayurveda is very much in demand because it avoids any side effects and results efficiently. It is similar with glaucoma. Treatment of glaucoma in India is beneficial.

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