Glaucoma Natural Treatment in India

Glaucoma natural treatment is available in India with various Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma Therapies. Now there is not at all any need to go for surgical methods or painful methods to get rid of this disease.

A fine balance between outflow and inflow of fluid in the eye helps in creating a normal eye pressure. Increased eye pressure can be seen as the most common factor responsible for Glaucoma. The common cause of this disease is any kind of obstruction in the eye’s drainage channels. It is important to note due to increased pressure, irrecoverable damage to the optic nerve is possible, thereby making a person permanently blind. When it comes to chronic cases, initially the side vision is affected and thereafter slowly and gradually normal vision of the patient is damaged before the person is diagnosed.

Types of Glaucoma

Glaucoma affects a patient in a number of forms. They are given as under :

  1. Normal Tension Glaucoma
  2. Open Angle Glaucoma
  3. Angle closure Glaucoma

Common Symptoms of Glaucoma

  1. Black Spots formation
  2. Redness in eyes
  3. Problem in color identification
  4. Progressively lower vision
  5. Formation of coronas around eyes

Is It Possible To Treat Glaucoma Naturally?

Yes, it is possible to treat Glaucoma naturally with Ayurveda, however, it needs to start the treatment at an early stage. There are a number of Ayurvedic procedures carried out to cure Glaucoma. These include Netradhara, Kizhisweda, Nasaya etc. to clear the blockage in the aqueous fluid’s way and Tarpan and Anjan techniques to provide strength to the optic nerves, thereby making them strong enough to bear the eye pressure.

Natural Glaucoma Treatment

Natural Glaucoma Treatment in India prevents the progressive vision loss effectively with ayurvedic medicines for glaucoma eye disease and various panchakarma therapies described above.

At Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra, the treatment of Glaucoma is offered using Ayurvedic therapies. The best part with Ayurvedic treatment of Glaucoma is that it is 100% safe, natural, free from any side effects and better than any complicated surgical treatment. So, if you are looking for the most effective treatment of Glaucoma in India, then you should seek online consultation with best ayurvedic eye specialists. Remember, your vision is precious and you should try to protect it to see this beautiful world. In this process, we and our team is there to help you out. Call now at +91-8396919191 to discuss your case with our doctors.