As we all know, all we need is sleep in order to regain our body energy. Every part of our body needs rest which can be getting through a perfect sleep. When a person is unable to take a proper sleep of at least 5 to 6 hours then he is suffering from Insomnia. It will affect daily scheduled routine work, activities and make irritated.

Causes for Insomnia

  • It is seen on daily basis that today’s people has too much work to do in a specific day time and for that they cannot find a single fraction of time to eat food and hence they will suffer from huge loss in sleep during night.
  • People who use to drink tea or coffee too much while working or between the gap of their meals will suffer from this problem as these drinks contain caffeine which reduces sleep.
  • Sometimes people drink hot tea or coffee just after eating of cold items like ice cream will also led to Insomnia.
  • Death of loved one, anger, worry and overexcitement will sometime makes a person to think continuously over a long period of time and due to which person forget to take sleep and remain caught in his emotions.
  • If a person is ill then also he will not be able to take a sound sleep due to pain or loneliness.

Symptoms for Insomnia

Insomnia is a very common disease among teenagers because they having very vast emotions and take relationships seriously which led into betrayal and they worry more when compared to other age group. The main symptom of Insomnia can be seen in a person who is wake ups for long at nights. A person who has habit of waking up early may also be considering into this type of category. A person who sleeps at day time due to irritation or having no work may also suffer from this disease.

Treatment for Insomnia

In Ayurveda, Insomnia is treated by relaxing mind first which is most important. Different diet charts and daily lifestyle are changed and advised to eat fruits, rice, sweets, salad, and yoghurt. A regular oil massage helps to reduce stress and gain energy.