Treatment of Dry eyes disease in India with Ayurveda

Do you have irritation in your eyes? Are your eyes burning while working on the computer screen? Then you might have possibility of suffering from Dry eyes eye disease. Dry eye Syndrome is also referred as “Computer Eye Syndrome”. This problem is mostly occur in the people with old age but now a days due to excess working on the computer screen for long time, it can be easily seen in the young people too. Mostly the people affected from dry eyes are office employees.

Causes of dry eyes

  • Facing Continuous dry air coming out from air conditioners and any other heating equipment into the eyes.
  • Due to insufficient tearing this will affect you.

Symptoms of Dry eye

  • Redness or fatigue in the eyes
  • Sand feeling in the eyes
  • Burning like irritation in the eyes

Precaution Measures

  • Try blinking the eyes frequently.
  • Use humidifier to moisturize the air present around you in the surroundings.
  • Drink more and more water. This also helps you to overcome from dehydration.
  • Take food rich in vitamin A and fatty omega 3 vitamins.

What if, it left untreated?

If proper care and medication not taken and ignore the symptoms, than it may cause a severe damage to the cornea of the eyes which may result in permanent blindness. From the dry eyes problem, other eye infections and diseases as like glaucoma etc. may occur & eye stop creating enough tears to keep them moist.

Treatment of Dry eyes Disease

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