What is Leucoderma?

Leucoderma is a skin disease in which many parts of the body including face, hands, and scalp are covered with colorless or whitish patch. This is most common in those who having less amount of melanin (a skin pigment) in their body.

Causes for Leucoderma

Researches still verifying what are the main reasons behind the leucoderma but according to specialists and doctors, the effective reasons may be as follows :

  • Unnecessary stress : The person who takes lot of worries without any reason may suffer from this disease.
  • Constant digestive problems : Those people who eat solid food repeatedly and ignore fluidic food will suffer from inappropriate liver functions which finally led to leucoderma.
  • Utilizing differing food items together : It is sometimes also advised by our elders to not drink milk just after consuming fish because by doing this white dots or patches will start growing on your body.
  • Burns and injuries : Sometimes, childhood injuries also make a path for leucoderma to govern the body.
  • Genetic problem : It is a genetic disease and can spread from parent to his son or daughter prior birth or at birth time.

Symptoms for Leucoderma

  • Person's body will have white dots initially but after few times dots will grow slowly but surely all over the body including face, hands, chest, shoulder, etc.
  • If any of your friend or relative having brownish or grayish beard at a very early age then he must be suffering through leucoderma.

Treatment for Leucoderma

According to the theory of Ayurveda, not only the skin but other constituents of the body are also affected by this disease like, blood, muscles, lymph, and nutrient plasma. The color over the body was depleted and is cured using Bhrajak Pitta technique which gives color to the skin where the white spots are. In Ayurvedic treatment, cleaning of blood is done and toxins from the tissues are removed by improving digestive condition. They will also give diet charts which help to energies the body. Advised to take a sound sleep and avoid going at extreme cold, warm places.

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