Treatment of Osteoarthritis in India through Ayurveda

What is the general identity of Osteoarthritis?

In general terms, this disease is referred to as “Vayu Vikar” or “Bai”. But the basic cause is said to be the Vata dosha.

Do you really feel that Ayurvedic treatment can cure this problem?

Although we are the best Ayurvedic treatment providers across this nation, we too do not claim to provide Osteoarthritis treatment in ayurveda with a 100% guarantee. There is no magical treatment for arthritis. And this is the reason why we say that we can’t guarantee to treat your arthritis permanently.

It is very well known that Osteoarthritis is a continuously deteriorating disorder that gets worse with age. But we assure you that you can manage to control it with our ayurvedic treatment. Since there is no possible way to avoid aging, that is why there is no possible solution for the treatment of arthritis. All you can do is hope to get relieved from the extreme pain with the best Ayurvedic treatment and that too without the harmful side effects of painkillers.

It is very much probable that you’ll be much comfortable and relaxed after getting the proper Ayurvedic treatment which consists of the following features :

  • Relief from pain, associated swelling and stiffness, gradually and naturally.
  • You may stop the intake of painkiller drugs or gradually decrease their use.
  • Much more comfortable and easier movements
  • Enhancement in the flexibility of the joints
  • No need to continue taking the Ayurvedic medicines also. You make lessen their use gradually.
  • Good diet and health is regained with better management of joints

How long does it take to stop its effects?

Ayurveda is based on herbal products and thus it is not so early with its effects. This is the reason why one needs to keep patience and give it some time, about 1-2 weeks at least, in order to get some relief from your pain.

In case of severe pain, it is suggested to take some painkillers under the advice of an ayurvedic physician or medical doctor.

Is your Osteoarthritis severe or not?

To know that you are suffering from the problem of Osteoarthritis, the doctor will advise you for an X-ray. If the X-ray shows you the following results then you may be suffering from arthritis.

  • The Joint cartilage is in very poor condition.
  • Osteophytes or spikes or bony spur.
  • Lessening of Joint space in the synovial cavity
  • The lubricant fluid in the joint cavity gets decreases.

Similarly, if you are suffering from Osteoarthritis then you can feel stiffness, severe pain, and not able to climb or walk, swelling in joints part and movement become very limited.

Duration for ayurvedic treatment of Arthritis

Different people may get different experiences regarding the treatment of Osteoarthritis in India. Generally, we advise our ayurvedic treatment for a period of 3 months. The duration is mainly decided after seeing the disease and it may vary from 3 months to 6 months.

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