Retinitis Pigmentosa Cure in Ayurveda

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis Pigmentosa is a genetic eye disorder. It can transfer from parent or any family member to other family members. Being alert and attentive is very essential as this disease can lead the sufferer to loss of center vision. Basic reason found behind the cause of this disease is only genetic. After the deep research and study it is supposed that the major and the only reason of causing Retinitis Pigmentosa is genes disorder. Transfer of genes causes RP. This disease do not have any age limits, a child of a small age can also suffer from the disease. With the passes of time the disease get worse and the sufferer looses the vision completely.

So, It is better to have Retinitis Pigmentosa treatment as early as possible because with the developing stage, conditions become worse. With the developing phase of the disease it becomes hard to provide RP treatment. After diagnosis of the symptoms of this disease consult the doctors immediately. Otherwise the sufferer may loose eye vision and the situations become too bad that sufferer is not able to make difference between light and dark.

Thus, if you are searching for the accurate and authentic retinitis pigmentosa cure in India, ayurveda is the best possible treatment for RP. There are various steps indulged in the ayurvedic treatment of retinitis Pigmentosa, which gives static relief and proper care of the disease. Ayurveda treatment is in practice since ancient times and this treatment is considered as the most secure and safest one. All the medicines and herbs used for the retinitis pigmentosa cure are natural and free from side-effects. To get the retinitis pigmentosa cure in ayurveda, contact ayurvedic eye specialist now.

Signs of Retinitis Pigmentosa

There are different signs and symptoms by which you can identify the disease. Some of the general signs are below :

  • Photophobia
  • Floaters
  • Complexity in color vision
  • Continuous decrease in vision
  • Issues with the low and dim lights
  • Trouble in night vision
  • Darkness and lost areas of vision

Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment

Consulting a doctor on the occurrence of any symptom is essential to cure retinitis pigmentosa timely. Otherwise it may take your vision from you. Ayurveda and Retinitis Pigmentosa as we have discussed above, ayurveda is the secure and safest way of treatment for retinitis pigmentosa in India. It is not just a process, but a science which is years old or it must be said that it is the oldest medical science. If you are willing to get permanent treatment of the disease go for the ayurvedic eye treatment. If the sufferer follow the advice of doctors regularly and take the medicines and therapies (Panchakarma) suggested to them, Retinitis pigmentosa cure is possible with the latest retinitis pigmentosa treatment. According to ayurevda there are 3 factors responsible for any kind of issues in human body they are Vatta, Pitta and Kapha, they are known as dosha. These three doshas are responsible in occurrence of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

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