Latest Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Available Now in India

Retinitis Pigmentosa or RP is a genetic disease. A considerable part of the global population suffers from RP. It may result in blindness if steps are not taken to treat it timely. Research and studies have identified approximately 50 genes as the root cause of RP.

RP is of genetic disease, so when one of the members is diagnosed with it, it is advised that other family members should also get their eyes checked.
The treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa is not commonly known to people. Most aren’t even aware that treatment for retinitis pigmentosa is now available in India or that it is now possible to find the best hospital for retinitis pigmentosa in India. Hence, it is advised to understand the eye complication, find the best hospitals in India and take consultation before taking any treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Causes of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Any kind of damage to the rod and cone optic cells results in retinitis pigmentosa. It degrades the patient’s optical power, and slowly, the person loses the ability to see. RP symptoms are similar to a few night lines, but the results are severe in this case. Gradually the photoreceptors present in eyes get so damaged that they stop perceiving light outrightly. Sometimes, it is accompanied by Cataracts or Glaucoma.

Symptoms of Retinitis Pigmentosa

  • A gradual decrease in visual ability.
  • Development of tubular vision with time.
  • Unclear and blurry vision in dark. Slowly, the person loses the ability to see anything after sunset.
  • Partial or complete color blindness.
  • Improper perception of depth, difficulty in getting up and downstairs.

How RP Progresses?

Retinitis Pigmentosa usually begins from childhood. Kids suffering from this problem face difficulty in moving in dark or adjusting to lighting changes. They have a very restricted visual field, so they often trip over things and move slowly. Patients with RP are uncomfortable with bright lights or places with intense lighting. Its progression differs from person to person. Some people retain their vision till their 50s, and some lose their sight in their 20s. Timely intervention is the only key to help such patients.

Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment Available Now in India

The latest Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment in India includes the use of Ayurvedic Medicines and Ayurveda Therapies instead of harmful steroids and complicated surgeries. The Ayurvedic treatment of RP focuses on damage control and restoration of vision. It includes herbal medicines and Panchakarma therapies that increase the choroid blood flow, oxygenation, and blood supply to retinal photoreceptor cells.

Dr. Dinesh Sharma (Ayurvedic Eye Specialist) has the experience of treating thousands of patients with the latest RP Treatment in India that is now available at Prakash Nethralaya, Jaipur.

Consult for RP Treatment

Many a time it is seen that people are misguided for treatment of retinitis pigmentosa in India or they do not find good consultation for eye disease. So taking moral responsibility, Dr. Dinesh Sharma also conducts online consultation services. So that the patients not just from India, but also from all over the world can get benefited.

So let’s share the word for retinitis pigmentosa latest treatment and a healthy vision. For any problem related to eyes or general diseases, Stay tuned with Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra.