Diabetic Retinopathy Causes and Symptoms

Diabetic Retinopathy is caused by a diabetic person by the harm caused to the blood vessels inside the retina of the eye. The retina is responsible for transforming lights entering the eye into visual images. When the retina of the eye gets damaged it forms Diabetic Retinopathy. Know about diabetic retinopathy symptoms, causes and Ayurvedic eye Treatment with a 4-minute read.

Diabetic Retinopathy Causes

The main factors which are responsible for the formation of a severe eye condition called diabetic retinopathy are –

  1. The Time Span of Diabetes – The duration of diabetes in a person is responsible for deciding the severity of diabetic retinopathy. A person affected by diabetes for a longer duration is more prone to the disease than a person with a shorter duration of the disease. Older people with diabetes are at more risk of diabetic retinopathy than the younger generation. The time span is one of the main diabetic retinopathy causes.
  2. High Cholesterol Level – High cholesterol level is very bad for the heart and other vital organs of the body as it disturbs their proper functioning.
  3. High Blood Sugar Level – Blood sugar level should be regularly checked and kept in control as blood sugar level controls the severity of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.
  4. High Blood Pressure – An abnormal increase or decrease in blood pressure affects different organ systems of the body for the eg. nervous and circulatory system, this leads to the formation of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.
  5. Alcohol Consumption – Excessive alcohol consumption is very bad for health as it disturbs the functioning of visceral organs and different organ systems of the body resulting in many dangerous diseases like diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.
  6. Tobacco Consumption – Tobacco consumption is very dangerous for the health of the body because it is an addictive habit and spoils the health of visceral organs resulting in diseases like diabetes and diabetic retinopathy.
  7. Pregnancy – Pregnant women are at more risk of getting diabetic retinopathy than other women, pregnant women should keep healthy eating habits and follow doctor’s advice to stay healthy.
  8. Native Place / Race / Origin – A person of Hispanic, Native American or African-American race is more prone to get affected by diabetic retinopathy than other individuals.
  9. This situation is known as macula edema, in which fluid leaks into the center of the macula a blurred straight-ahead vision occur and it swells the macula swell.
  10. Blurred vision- When the blood leaks from the damaged vessels into the center of the eye then it causes blurred vision. It is the advanced stage of diabetes and it is also known as proliferative retinopathy.

Diabetic Retinopathy Symptoms

Although, there are no symptoms visible in a person suffering from this disease in the early stages of the disease. But some diabetic retinopathy symptoms can be seen in the final stage of the disease. Some of the common diabetic retinopathy symptoms are –

  1. Blurred Vision – A diabetic retinopathy patient starts noticing blurred vision, everything starts appearing blurry and out of shape. This is the most commonly diabetic retinopathy symptom which is ignored by most of the patients which later turns into a severe problem.
  2. Impairment of Color Vision – A person suffering from diabetic retinopathy can’t identify and differentiate between colors properly. This condition creates a very big problem in the daily life of the affected person.
  3. Floaters in The Vision – Floaters start appearing in the affected person’s vision, creating hindrance in the clear vision.
  4. Poor Night Vision – Night vision becomes very poor making restrictions in a person’s routine life.
  5. Deformity in Vision – Vision starts changing from clear vision to blurred vision, creating confusion in the affected person about getting a diagnosis.
  6. The Dark Spot in the Eyes – Dark spots can be easily seen in the final stage of diabetic retinopathy which should be seen as a clear sign of the disease.
  7. Complete Loss of Vision – After a prolonged period of the disease a person suffering from diabetic retinopathy experiences a complete loss of vision and could be seen as a clear diabetic retinopathy symptom.

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