Skin Care with Ayurveda in Hot Summers.

With the coming of summers people tend to look for the ways to protect their skin from sun and its tanning. Usually, females’ start shop for the trendy hats, sunglasses and fashionable scarf. People also used to buy umbrellas and the sunscreen lotions from the protection of powerful UV rays of sun. After all, it is necessary to protect skin from these rays otherwise it leads to the several skin related diseases, like redness of skin, sunburn, acne outbreaks, rashes, irritation and much more. As per the ayurvedic science in the summers the sun is strong enough which increases the heat in body, which is considered the major reason in causing skin problems. To ensure healthy and glowing skin naturally in the scorching heat, take proper care of your skin by using natural herbs and Ayurvedic remedies.

Understanding Skin Type

Skin is guards our body it is a sensory organ, it also regulate body temperature, acts as an insulator and keep us safe from harmful and injurious radiations of the sun. So as for mending the damaged skin you need to recognize and analyze the structure of your skin and the factors causing harm to it.

In the ancient ayurvedic text book Sushruta Samhita it is written that skin is made from the seven layers. Due to vitiation in the three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha one or more than one layer of skin get affected that leads to the origin of different kind of skin diseases. Below tabulated is the list of all those seven layers of skin.

LayerNameDiseases Caused
FirstAvabhasiniPimples, Acne
SecondLohitaMogles, Dark Circles, Black Pigmentation
ThirdShwetaEczema, Allergic Rashes
FourthTamraDifferent kinds of Leprosy
SixthRohiniTumor, Cancer, Elephantiasis
SeventhMamsadharaFistula, Abscess

Undertake Skin Injuries with Ayurveda

There could be numerous external and internal factors that are responsible for making the skin unhealthy and destroying its beauty. By the simple ways you can not only counter these factors, but also restore the health and glow of your skin. Let’s look at few of them


Excessive heat during the summer season can harm your skin. During this season most of people faces the issues related to Pitta Dosha. Pitta realeted skin diseases occurred because of the hotness, penetrating and sharpness of sun. It matches to the attribute of Pitta dosha. Furthermore, prolonged contact to the sun also cause increases in Vata that leads to dryness in skin.

For protecting your skin from the powerful rays of the sun apply a herbal lotion on your face or to the uncovered part of body, it must be good to use the lotion containing Aloe Vera. Cover your face with cotton scarf; wear full sleeves clothes and use sunglasses and hats when you went out in the heat. You can also make your skin glowing and moisturizing by drinking plenty of water and consuming fresh fruit juices.

Air Pollution

During the summers flow of dry and hot winds is very ordinary to the number of regions in world. Especially Indians get uncovered to air pollutants such as, smoke, dirt and dust which blocks the skin pores and cause several skin disorders like allergies, eczema, pre-aging and more.

To oppose the effects caused due to air pollution, apply a high quality herbal and natural moisturizer that works as a barrier for pollutants to cause harm to the skin. Also keep in remind to cleanse the skin regularly and daily at least once in a day with rose water. For cleansing the skin and opening the blocked pores follow this home remedy – in a tablespoon of milk (Un-boiled) dip cotton and rub your face with the cotton, leave it for maximum of 15 and then wash away with cold water.

Air Conditioning

In the present scenario use of ACs increased a lot from before. During summers most of us not leave to get into the contact of as whether in home, office and or in cars. Most of the people are unaware from the fact that air conditioner not works to control the temperature of room but also reduces the moisturiser level of skin that leads to the dryness in skin. Not only this, because of spending long hours in AC it prevents sweating which is natural process during summers. It may leads to infections.

So as to prevent dry skin, make it certain to moisten skin continuously. Instead of using harsh and soaps made from chemicals use natural cleansers and herbal soaps. Aloe Vera is like, a boon for the healthy and glowing skin use the gel of Aloe Vera after bath. Follow this ayurvedic home remedy to get rid of from dry skin. Take half avocado or papaya and mash it then mix few drops of lime juice in it. Apply this paste on your skin and leave it untouched until it dries then wash it away with warm and cold water alternative. You can use this pack two or three times in a week.

You can also take Panchakarma therapies to heal you skin. Ayurveda can make your skin healthy, smooth, soft and glowing naturally. Prakash Nethralya and Panchakarma Kendra is an ayurvedic hospital in India that provides authentic ayurveda treatment for eye disease and general diseases. feel free to contact us 24*7 our experts are always ready to help and serve you.

Advice for Diet and Lifestyle

The first and foremost thing is avoid consuming oily, spicy and junk food regularly. Most of the people consume package food that may results to skin disorders. Ayurveda suggest following a routine that is known as “Dincharya”. Get early in the morning at 6 and do exercise, yoga, meditation for at least 30 minutes. This gives you power to feel fresh for the whole day. Bad eating habits excess use of gadgets also cause issues to skin along with eyes. Applying local or chemical included creams moisturizers also causes reaction to skin. Instead of using chemicals try to use natural moisturizers more.

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