Cure Jaundice efficiently by Ayurvedic treatment

Jaundice occurs when the infection is caused in the liver and it starts functioning abnormally. In Ayurveda, Jaundice is known as “Kamala”. When bile pigments are deposited in excess, then, the liver starts functioning abnormally and due to this reason, the color of the patient’s skin turns into yellow. In Jaundice, due to increased bilirubin in the blood, the color of the patient’s skin turns into the yellow, which is not normal.

Symptoms of Jaundice

  1. Fever and Headache.
  2. Extreme Weakness
  3. Severe constipation
  4. Yellow discoloration of skin, eyes, tongue and urine
  5. Nausea
  6. Pain in liver
  7. Loss of appetite

Jaundice Diet

In the treatment of Jaundice, fruit juices are effective and strictly avoid giving pulses and cereals. Fresh fruit diet and fruit juices are the effective diet for the Jaundice patient and it is important for the Jaundice patient to take good rest. Grapes, sweet potatoes, black soya beans and nuts are the most effective fruits for the Jaundice suffering patient.

Do and Don’ts

  1. Eat nuts and almonds
  2. Consume more fiber products
  3. Avoid all kinds of spice foods
  4. Take proper rest and drink fruit juice is advised for Jaundice patient
  5. Lemon is also considered as good in Jaundice
  6. In the early morning, take some fresh tomato juice
  7. Take proper rest
  8. Orange juice is also considered as very effective in treatment of Jaundice.
  9. About 1-2 weeks daily, drink sugar cane juice

Jaundice treatment in Ayurveda

Jaundice treatment in Ayurveda starts with a purgation therapy; it helps to eliminate the toxins collected in the liver and other parts of the body. Hence, powerful purgatives are avoided.

In the treatment of Jaundice, nisoth and kutki are used. Their roots are controlled to the patient in a form of powder. These two herbs can be used either individually or together, depending on the inner strength of suffering person the seriousness of jaundice.

Arogya Vardhini and Avipattikara choorna are the usually considered medicines in Jaundice. Hence, a teaspoonful of these medicines are taken twice a day with honey or water. Bhumyamalaki is another general medicine that can be used in every kind of Jaundice. Bhumyamalaki is a short herb and rarely available. Hence, its juice mixed with honey given to patient thrice a day in a teaspoonful quantity. Triphlal, Vasaka and Kakamachi are the other drugs that are used in the Jaundice.

Home Remedies to treat Jaundice

  1. Bitter vegetable juice is very effectual in jaundice treatment. Extract the juice of the mash vegetables by pressing with a piece of cloth. One glass of this juice must be taken in the early morning on the regular basis as recommended.
  2. Prepare a juice of lemon and beetroot in equal quantity and taken for a few days, it will surely cure Jaundice.
  3. Extract amalaki juice and take teaspoonful quantity thrice in a day, this is an effective remedy for all types of liver ailments.

Hospital for Jaundice treatment by Ayurveda

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