Ayurvedic Treatment of Amblyopia

Ayurveda is the science of treating historical roots. It is a boon to mankind for getting amblyopia ayurvedic treatment without the fear of side effects. Numerous treatments and medications are there in Ayurveda, for curing different diseases. Eye treatment is also one of the well-known treatments in Ayurveda. There are various methods to get better eyesight with this traditional method.

Lazy eye or Amblyopia is a condition of the eye in which the optic nerves get weaken and coordination between the brain and eye gets distorted. This is a condition which must be detected as early as possible because it cannot be properly cured at the later stage. Many Ayurvedic therapies and medications help in the improvement of the symptoms of lazy eye and thus, prevent vision loss.

Ayurvedic Diet

Diet along with the Amblyopia Treatment in Ayurveda that needs to be followed are-

  • Intake of Apples and Grapes
  • Spinach in your food is really advantageous
  • Almond with warm milk
  • Cardamom seeds with Honey
  • Carrots are rich in Vitamin A so helps to enhance the vision
  • Sweet orange juice, turnip cheese, butter, soya beans, tomatoes, dates

Ayurvedic Herbs for Improving Eyesight

Some herbs for the ayurvedic treatment for lazy eye are-

  • Garlic juice
  • Amla juice
  • Extract of Rose petals
  • Apply ghee on the soles of the feet

Therapies for the Lazy Eye Treatment in Ayurveda


This is an Ayurveda traditional practice done for the amblyopic eye, known as Tharpanam. Tharpanam means retention of the medicines above the lazy eye and this distinctive Ayurvedic Therapy has a belief over thousands of years. It has the whole thing that you would desire, to recover the health of your eye and eye nerves. The main substance used in this therapy is Medicated ghee. It has the supremacy to prevent such eye ailments. Tharpanam guarantees the discontinuation of strain to the eye muscles, irritation and pain too.

Eye Patching

If eyeglasses do not recover the vision of the eye, then patching is required, by and large for a few weeks to few months. In this procedure, the stronger eye is covered with a patch that enforces the child to use the weaker eye. The other way to achieve success through this procedure is, to haze the vision in the stronger eye with the exceptional eye drops or a pair of eyeglasses with a blurred lens on the stronger eye.

Even if the vision has been reinstated in the weaker eye, it might be obligatory to prolong patching the amblyopic eye for some duration in the day, continued for a few years to keep up the improvement.


Sun treatment

Face towards the sun with the eyes closed and then move the body to and gently similar to that of a pendulum for two to five minutes, this also helps in the vision improvement.


Take a bowl of water, heat it to form steam and add some drops of eucalyptus oil into it, then open and close the eye in the rising vapors for a minute or two.

Reading the fine print in candlelight

This exercise is to be done for a few minutes, the right procedure to do this is to read some fine prints in the candlelight and then in the good quality light.

You need to continuously strive for the better vision but surely Ayurveda will give you definite and good results and there are many case studies to prove this.