10 Important Lifestyle Changes to Permanently Cure Dry Eyes

Created - 11 Jun 2016Last Modified - 14 Jun 2019

Dry eyes have become a disaster in the modern life era as the changing life style and excess use of mobile and computer screen and excess mental stress provokes the tiredness of muscles leading to reduced tear secretion or the poor quality secretion of tears. This changed pathophysiology creates a couple of eye symptoms like scratched eyes, foreign body sensation, redness and inability to open in windy and high light environment. The youth is generally getting effected with the disease due to the nature of their job and they desperately look for the permanent cure of the disease. Yes, it is possible to cure dry eyes permanently with Ayurveda. There are a number of steps you can take to reduce symptoms of dry eye syndrome and protect your eyes. Keeping yourself hydrated, changing your diet and considering environment factors can help in providing dry eye relief. Following are a few lifestyle changes that are beneficial to permanently cure dry eyes:

  1. Blink Over and Over Again: While focusing on a visual task i.e. reading, driving or using a computer, people blink less than normal. It is imperative to make an effort to blink more often to provide some relief in the symptoms of dry eye.
  2. Avoid Smoking: If you are a smoker, then must consult your doctor regarding ways you can quit smoking. Smoking can worsen the symptoms of dry eye thus worsening the condition. You can’t cure dry eyes if you can’t remove smoking from your lifestyle.
  3. Treatment for Underlying Conditions: Dry eye is sometimes caused due to other underlying medical issues. By getting these disorders treated, you can easily find dry eye relief. Your eye doctor can help diagnose these conditions and offer treatment options.
  4. Proper Nutrition: Follow the health principles of Ayurveda as mentioned in Dincharya and Ritucharya. Avoid fast food, aerated cold drinks, tobacco, alcohol, and non veg food. Take more of clarified butter if you do not have any other metabolic disease like diabetes, hypertension, disturbed thyroid functions etc. Consume more of green vegetables, fruits which are a good source of all essential nutrients. Flaxseed oil is also a great source of omega 3 fatty acid. Limiting the intake of acidic foods such as tomato products, vinegar, red chilies and tamarind is advised to pacify the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Proper sleep of 6-8 hrs is essential to give the optimum relief in the symptoms of dry eyes.
  5. Adjust to Harsh Environments: Smoke, wind, sun, heat and dust can also cause dry eye. You can use sunglasses outside to block these elements and save your eyes from irritation. When indoor, use air filter or humidifiers to remove dust and other irritants from the air. It is advisable to avoid fans and hair dryers.
  6. Consider Surrounding Environment: Desert areas can cause eye dryness. If you are spending your time in these environments, one thing that you can do to reduce the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is to close your eyes for a few seconds intermittently. It will keep your eyes well lubricated and can help you in severe dryness situation.
  7. Don’t Allow Air Consistently Blow into Your Eyes: Keep air devices i.e. hair dryers, fans, car heaters and air conditions away from your eyes.
  8. Keep Yourself Hydrated: Dehydration can lead to dry eye, as your body will not be able to provide enough moisture to produce tears. Drinking water and other fluids can help restore moisture. You must take eight oz. glasses of water a day, fruit and vegetable juices and milk. Be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  9. Try Good Eyelid and Eyelash Hygiene: It is important to try pre-moistened eyelid cleansers or baby shampoo to keep your eyelashes clean.
  10. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: It is advisable to refrain from rubbing your eyes as they can make dry eyes even worse.

Adopting all the above changes can help you permanently cure dry eyes. These lifestyle changes are additional benefits in curing dry eyes with Ayurveda. Must go through Point 4 to get more relief.

Your overall health, our work environment, your home environment and your social activities are some of the important elements in analyzing and treating dry eye syndrome. You should follow above lifestyle changes to avoid dry eye complications.