Effective Treatment For Dry Eyes In Ayurveda!

The dry eyes syndrome is also known as Keratitis Sicca. In this the person’s eye surface lacks from moisture and lubrication. This blocks the flow of tears from the eyes. Let’s read in details- there are three layers in our eyes- mucous layer, watery layer and lipid layer. If the problem stuck to any of these layers the dry eyes syndrome may be caused.


If you are confused about this disease then you may notice the following symptoms in your eyes :

  • You may feel burning in your eye.
  • Scratching and dryness of the eyes may be caused.
  • Your eyes may feel irritation and pain.
  • Redness may be seen in your eyes.
  • Foreign body like feeling may appear in your eyes.
  • The vision may become blurring and your eyes may become sensitive to light.

If you notice any of the symptoms above get the treatment soon.

Treatments for dry eyes in ayurveda

There are many approaches that are followed in order to get the best treatment for dry eyes. Triphla ghrit is the medicated ghrit that is used in many ways to get cure. Some of them are mentioned below :

  • It can be used as an eye drop.
  • You may message your eyes with the triphla ghrit around and over the eyes; this will be beneficial as the skin of the eyes absorb that.
  • Netra-Tarpan is a procedure in ayurveda that provide extensive relief to your eyes. It provides nourishment to the eyes withour irritation and scratching.
  • With the medicated ghee, the nasya may be used that will provide great results.
  • For cleaning the eyes honey may be used as a drop over the lower eyelids.

Apart from the above treatments there are many other treatments too in ayurveda that will provide you the best results with safety. Get the best ayurvedic treatment from Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra and get rid of all the eyes diseases.