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Created - 21 Dec 2015Last Modified - 27 Jun 2019

Dry eyes disease is also known as Keratitis that is common among the people whose eyes lacks the lubrication and moisture on their surface. This leads to decrease in the production of tears in both the perspectives- qualitatively and quantitatively. The four layers that are responsible for generating tears are :

  • Watery Layer
  • Lipid Layer
  • Mucous Layer
  • Tree Layers

If these layers stuck to any kind of problem then this may result into dry eyes problem. The patients should get their eyes check-up on regular basis.

Symptoms for Dry Eyes

There are various symptoms that may lead your eyes towards dry eyes syndrome. Some of them are mentioned below :

The eyes may feel :

  • Burning Sensation
  • Severe Scratching
  • Persistent Dryness
  • Itching
  • Irritation and may appear red
  • Sensitive towards beam of light

The blur image may also be viewed because of dry eyes syndrome. The patients who notice the above symptoms may get the check-up regarding dry eyes disease. If the disease caught you then get the best treatment for dry eyes.

Causes of Dry Eyes

You all may be thinking that how this disease attacks you. Here are some causes that will provide answers to all your queries :

  • Due to the menopause stage this disease is normally seen in old aged people.
  • Due to excess of pollution.
  • Lack of sufficient tears.
  • Consumption of alcohol in extreme manner and excessive smoking.
  • Side-effect of medicines.
  • Due to the dusty, hot and dry climatic conditions.

So, take care and try and avoid all the above causes of dry eyes.

Treatment for dry eyes

There are various ways by which you may get relief from this disease. The treatments in allopathic, homeopathy and Ayurveda may prove to be different ways of curing. Ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes is the best among all the above options. This treatment is safe and secure. This may provide the effective relief without any side-effect.

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