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Dry eyes become one of the common eye problems in these days. In Dry eye disease, the tears are unable to provide enough moisture. This is basically caused by dryness of eyes. It is also called as Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca (KCS), in which tears production is decreased. This disease commonly affects 5%-6% of the population. The meaning of Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) is dry of the cornea.

If a person is suffering from it then he might be suffering from burning of eyes. This disease can be seen in some situations i.e. during a ride on a bike, in an AC room, on an Aeroplane, or after looking continuously at TV or computer. Ayurvedic treatment for Dry Eyes is considered as the best solution for this.

Factors which are responsible for increasing the effects of Dry Eyes are as following :

  • Use of Contact lenses.
  • Increased use of drugs.
  • Increment of pollution.
  • Increased use of computers.

Reasons behind the occurrences of Dry Eyes

  • Natural aging is the main cause of occurrences of dry eyes.
  • Due to Lack of enough tears.
  • Due to eyelid problems.
  • Blinking of eyes.
  • Due to Dry air and wind.
  • Due to other eye diseases.
  • Due to smoking.
  • Due to adverse effects of medication i.e. sleeping pills, pain relievers, etc.

Symptoms of Dry eyes

  • Eye Dryness.
  • Etching in Eyes.
  • Unclear vision.
  • Redness in eyes.
  • Burning of eyes.

Treatment of Dry Eyes

There are many people who are suffering from the ailment of dry eyes. Ayurveda provides the best dry eye treatment in India. The Ayurveda permanently cured the Dry eye disease. In Ayurveda this disease is treated with Triphala ghee, by using ghee dryness of the eyes are removed.

In Ayurvedic eye treatment in India, artificial tears are applied to the patient’s eyes. Basically the treatment with ghee is followed by three steps. In which the initial stage starts with the drops of ghee, which is being applied into the eyes and then a massage of ghee is done around the eye then a famous procedure which is called Netra Tarpan is done to give relief to the patient. The use of ghee increases the strength of the eyes.

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