Get The Secure Ayurvedic Treatment For Dry Eyes

The dry eye is also named as the Keratitis Sicca that is the disease due to which the surface of the eyes of the patient do not have enough lubricants that can give moisture to the eyes. The wet substance that we call it tears does not get produced in the eyes. The tears are made up of three layers the first one is oily layer, second is watery one and the last is mucous layer. If there cause a problem in any of the mentioned layer then it can lead to the dry eyes. The ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes is the best option and commonly followed by the people to get treated.


The symptoms of dry eyes are :

  • The eyes of the patient constantly feel like dry.
  • The patients experience the sensation of burning.
  • The eyes also get scratching appearance.
  • Some irritation redness and the pain are felt by the patients in their eyes.
  • Some patients experience the blurry image.
  • They also get sensitive towards light when their eye gets in contact with light.

Due to the above symptoms the patient should follow the ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes as it is very secure.

Treatment in ayurveda

There are many ways to get rid of the dry eyes syndrome in ayurveda. In this the deranged vata is get treated. The Pitta dosha also known as Tej mahabhoot resides in the eyes that are treated with the ghee whether it is plain or medicated. For this purpose only triphla ghrit is commonly used. The ghee is very useful to control the proper functioning of the tears, eyelids and the eyes muscles too. It can even give relief from pain, redness, burning sensation and the irritation of the eyes.

The strength and the relief of the eyes can be maintained by using the Triphla ghrit in the inside as well as outside of the eyes. An ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes also includes a procedure called the Netra- Trapan that gives an awesome relief to the dry eyes like never before. It provides nourishment to the eyes and at the same time gives relief from scratching and the burning feel of the dry eyes.