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An Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the combination of two Sanskrit provisions - Ayu sense life and Veda sense knowledge. Hence Ayurveda stands for the understanding of life as well as art of life. It is explained as the art of science, during which one can gain awareness regarding the helpful and hurtful ways of life. The traditional Ayurvedic texts confer all types of science like toxicology, biology and subjects like theology and philosophy.

In the recent times when the life style problems and other ailments have dreadfully affected the human cycle, it has become essential for one to know the benefits of Ayurveda. There are many common diseases that can be easily cured through Ayurveda with no antibiotics.

In addition to this, if a person is suffering from addiction, then too Ayurveda can assist in great regard. There are some in house as well as outhouse treatments that cure a person from all such issues.

Benefits of Ayurveda:

• Reasonably cheaper
• No side effects
• Non-invasive
• Holistic
• Mutually preventative and curative
• Individual specific
• Provides relief from anxiety and revive the body

Experience Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra:

Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra have been set up by Dr. Dinesh Sharma, renowned Ayurvedic Eye expert who extend light in the lives of community who are visionless. This Centre is located in Jind in Haryana along with a branch in Jaipur, the pink city of India. We are obliged to heal the eye patient and several other disease sufferers by offering best Ayurveda treatment. We are looking forward to commence our medication built-up with the modern expertise. We also come with training in Ayurveda for 30 days. This Course comprises Medicine invention for the concerned method.
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